Technical support and mentoring of Drupal web-applications in regular and emergency cases

How it works

Send Request

Something's wrong with your website? We will help you to solve technical issues! Your site load is too slow? We will optimize it! To provide us with a detailed description of your website problems use the online-form or contact data. We will assist you immediately. Please be aware that generally access to website files is needed (SSH is the best option).

Detect a problem

Our «Rescue Team» has enough experience to handle any problem whether it is server or database issue, code review or maintenance task. We also are ready to provide you with 24\7 Drupal-project monitoring to ensure your site is running smoothly and at peak performance.

Get a quick fix

We have an extensive experience with Drupal and the stack it builds on. Our clients can choose the level of service they require from basic email/Skype communication to a complete service which effectively means you save on your site maintenance overheads, including monitoring, bug fixing and applying any changes/amendments you might need. We also provide enterprise clients with dedicated support. This allows you to keep costs under control paying exactly for what you need.


Drupal and server audits

Code Audit

Do you have a suspicion that your website architecture may be incorrect or you need to make it more flexible and scalable? We have bearded developers who will make the right diagnosis and write out a great prescription, if necessary.

Security Audit

There is nothing more important than the guarantee of data security in your project both for you and your customers. An entire team of experienced developers and testers is ready to check the reliability of your Drupal site and remove all the nasty vulnerabilities at any time.

Performance Audit

To create the popular and high-quality resource you need a firm team that will ensure its stable and fast work under high traffic and complex functionality conditions. We will help you to propel your business to the next level.

Server Audit

Our experienced system administrators will detect any sudden trouble your Drupal-site server may have with their eyes closed. We have developed a monitoring system that will not only help to fix a problem but will also prevent the unexpected surprises in future.

Drupal maintenance

Modules Updates

A rolling stone gathers no moss. To keep your Drupal site up-to-date you should give it the youth injections regularly. This means to update modules to their latest versions, as most of these updates contain both operation and security fixes and improvements.

Core Updates

Each new version of the Drupal core makes even more reliable and flexible basis for your website. We will help you to update it smoothly.

Downtime emergency fixes

Has your website slipped into a coma? No panic, our "Rescue Team" will provide an accurate and rapid resuscitation, with no danger to your website's vital functioning.

Quality assurance

We have a large team of experienced developers, testers and system administrators who not only do their job skilfully, but also know in advance what to expect. That is why they do not allow the unpleasant surprises to happen.

Bug fixing

Is something going wrong on your site? Never say die! We will not only help you to eliminate the problem, but will also offer the best options to solve it.

Security patches

Have you noticed small wounds on your website that do not let it run smoothly? We will paste a reliable patch according to all development standards which will ensure a quick wound repair.
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